An Interview!

It is always good news when you get a call for an interview.  It brings me to a place I like to call “Cloud Kendra”.  Basically, and all of my friends can testify, I have a huge adrenaline rush making it seem as though I’ve just chugged a RedBull.  I tend to be bouncing off the walls because I am so pumped that someone saw what I had on paper and thought to themselves “who is this girl?  I want to talk to her”.  On the difficult road of submitting application after application it is really awesome to get a call about an interview.  Most of the time, I let an application fly and expect to hear nothing back from the company.  It’s the nature of the beast.

But alas on this day, I got a call for an interview next week with a new company.  It is not with a college campus.  I have applied to numerous college campuses over the last year and a half and I have yet to get work with a college campus.  So I have to branch out.  This summer has proved to be a difficult process in terms of branching out.  I’ve been on quite the narrow road about sticking to only applying to college campuses.  But those jobs are not the most common to come across with my level of education as colleges prefer a candidate with a Master’s degree.

Today, branching out has proven to be a great thing and I am so glad that I decided to apply.  It is a brand new company, and being able to say that I helped launch a new business would be a great accomplishment.   So it is not so much to be bummed out right now that I haven’t gotten an interview for a job on a college campus or my big dream of working in career services.  It more about the fact that these opportunities can come to us without us seeking them out.  Some people might call this “settling”, I don’t.  It’s far from settling in my opinion, it is another chance to prove that I can be great at doing something brand new.  To learn a new trade, to launch a new business and to maybe someday help me become a career counselor….. or maybe not.  The world is at my fingertips and it is at yours too!


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