The Holidays Are Coming!

I know Halloween just ended and your not ready to think about Christmas yet, but hear me out.  This time of year (especially right now) malls and stores across the nation are gearing up for the dreaded BLACK FRIDAY.

The ever popular sales of Black Friday are upon us
If you have the time and transportation to pick up a seasonal part time job, I will tell you to go do it.  Now, I’ve worked a fair share of black Fridays and they arent always the most fun, but they give you some opportunities for career building.  There are two reasons why I will encourage you to apply now to work for the holidays season.  


This one is kind of a no brainier. Your going to be spending money on gifts so why not make a little extra on the side as well.  And if you are like me and get a job at Target, you can do your shopping at work after your shift.  Plus you can potentially get employee discounts. You might be working some long shifts of weekends and evenings, but it’s short term and believe you can totally adjust to retail hours.  

This is the far more important reason to work the holiday season.  In any retail job you pick up you’ll pretty much be thrown into customer service and dealing with people. Having to deal with the public first hand gives you great customer service skills.  I don’t care where you work, you always need to have awesome customer services skills.  I currently work in the HR field, and I don’t typically interact with the public, but the employees of my company are my customers. If I don’t help them, they don’t help our customer and I don’t have a job.  Working a sales floor teaches you how to interact with others. How to work with them and keep them engaged even when they are irrate. You have no idea how much you can use your customer service skills in your future. 

Just try out a job this season. If you hate it, then dont go back next year. Just be flexible in your availability, be nice and bring in with the holiday spirit. You have a lot of potential to gain out if the experience.  reach out to any local mall today!! Most applications for well known stores are online. 

#yougotthis #kbk Happy Holidays!!


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