Can Kendra help me find a job?

Short answer: Yes.  A few months ago I went on an interview with a local college campus in their career services office.    After the interview I was asked to go out and find about 10 jobs in the Boston Area (not where I’m live) for recent college graduates in the field of advertising.  And it was relatively easy.  I can help you do it as well, but I think the more important question is do you want a job or a career?  While helping you find a job can totally be a thing, I’m passionate about a career and I work hard to make my dreams a reality.  Follow My Journey and maybe you can follow your dreams and learn what it takes to achieve your career goals.  Follow Your Journey and you might pick up some essential skills that you can use for yourself.  Additionally, check out the Kareer Korner where I explore different careers and look at some jobs in that field.


I have been in the field of career counseling for four year.  Two of those years in college helping students write resumes, discuss their career outlook etc. After graduation I have continued to study the trends of the job market.  I do my own research individually as well as working in the human resources world, where I learn what employers are looking for.



Want assistance in Job Hunting?

Let me help you out.  Please provide your name, email address you wish to be contacted through and in as much detail as possible describe what you are looking for.  If you do not have a lot you can say, don’t worry, we can figure it out together!


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