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In My Journey posts I talk about things that pertain to my life and the journey I am taking in order to advance in my career.  In these posts I tell you all about efforts, feedback and events in my life that make me who I am and drive me to where I am going.

In Your Journey posts I talk about things that other people are always asking.  Whether is questions I see online that I feel compelled to discuss or things that people in my life have asked.  Ask a question and I will do my best to answer it too! Click here to ask a question

The Kareer Korner is a monthly series where I explore different careers that exist.  Some you may have heard of, others not so much.  I will do my best to find some current job openings in the field discussed as well.  Again, ask a question or suggest a career you’d like me to explore.

See what I struggle with and excel in.  Hopefully you’ll learn a little bit to help yourself out.  #kareerbuildingwithkendra #kbk

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